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Welcome To Touchstone Digital!


After living in many exciting places abroad,

I'm happy to be back

In the Sweetest place we call home, 

The Okanagan Valley is a true treasure.

I believe in celebrating life daily,

The little and the big things,

The details, and the stories, 

Cherishing each and every one,

Here behind the lens,

Appreciating all the beauty this world has to offer,

Gathering up delicious visuals along with so much JOY

Found in the people I meet, places I go &

Humbling, luscious landscapes I explore!

Passionate about Family and Friends,

I'm here to capture any occasion, celebration,

Expression, funny face, tender moment, and memory.

Capturing the people you love,

And the moments you want to remember,

Photos are the touchstones of our lives.

Archiving is also available.

Creating a digital copy of historic family photos, Photo negatives, and prints,

Ensuring you have a secure back up of your most

Precious memories.

Dedicated to progress and development,

I'm also here to help you with your business.

Providing professional photos, editing  &

Digital media  to help you expand your brand.

So let's get started! 

For info, or a quote on your project,

Contact me in the form below,


Thanks for stopping by!


Gallery Showcases Coming Summer 2022 

Check Back Soon For More Details!

TS Digital.jpeg
Old School Analog Camera
ART BLOOMS Collection Coming Summer 2022

New Collection
Coming JUNE 2023


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Touchstone Digital Arts 

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"Photographs are like Touchstones that transport us back into the moments we want to remember."


Coming In June 2023

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